About Us
A quick welcome from our MD – Brandon

Brandon has been working with businesses both small and large over the past 10 years, bringing to life their brands online and strengthening their digital footprint. At the core of it all, is an unshakeable passion to help people succeed online and generate growth for their business through more sales and leads!

Websites that generate leads and sales, make you look amazing on all devices and ensure you stand out amongst your competition.
Marketing your business across all digital channels, ensuring you get access to as many of your ideal clients as possible. Giving you a competitive edge online.
Content is King and we share your story with your audience. We build your brand with awesome content and exciting ways to communicate it.


We love performing these services for our clients and have learnt some great strategies along the way that we can share with you to help your business grow and grow!


We love performing these services for our clients and have learnt some great strategies along the way that we can share with you to help your business grow and grow!

our works
Checkout some of our amazing clients and the work we have delivered for them. We are super proud to team up on their digital strategy.
Why choose us
We are 100% passionate about helping people and making our clients stand out amongst their competitors. Your success is our success.
Everything we do is measured and reported on, so we can track together how well things work for you and your business.
We get that strategies change and plans change and we move quickly to ensure your strategy moves with the market.
We support our clients 100% and make sure they feel the love and know we have their back.
The online world is ever-changing and always producing new things to learn. We believe in sharing with our clients all of our learnings.
We take a comprehensive approach to growing your business, so you stand out amongst your competitors.
Our approach is always personalised to you and your business, ensuring we do what’s in your best interest.
our process
We believe in sticking to the process every time, so that every client gets the same experience. We trust in our process and it’s why we deliver a consistent high level of customer-service.
Client Discovery

We believe in taking the time to get to know you and your business personally and ensuring we understand your unique goals.

Strategy assembly

We take a comprehensive look at you and your competition and assemble a dynamic strategy that will give you an edge when launching your digital campaign.


This is the most exciting part of your campaign and where you get to see our collaborative work come to life. Whether it be your new website, branding or the mountains of sales and leads, we deliver on your goals.

Measure and Report

What good is a campaign without real, measurable results? We aim to learn from everything we do and make sure that the work we do for you is efficient as possible.

Our Core Minds
See who makes up the engine room at TeamUp Digital and works personally with our clients to deliver on their campaigns
Managing Director

Brandon brings a wealth of experience in the online marketing and digital space. Having worked with a diverse range of businesses, both small and large, across Australia, Brandon’s passions exist in growing any business exponentially and helping drive a focus on conversion optimisation. If he can help you get more leads and sales online then he has done his job and will feel incredibly satisfied for his client.

Pedro the Part-time Pug
Director of First Impressions

Pedro works closely with our clients to deliver a high-level of cuteness and customer service. He is the “Boss” so to speak and runs the office like a tight ship. His talents include raiding the office cookie jar, takings lots and lots of selfies and manning the phones to ensure every clients cal is answered. Call today to speak with Pedro about your next Digital project!

Head Of Operations

Daniel brings a wealth of experience in both the website design and audio-visual space. Daniel has worked closely with our clients to bring their website and design ideas to life. Daniel has a vast level of experience when it comes to professional audio and visual work and top-level video production. Daniel is a problem solver and works closely with our clients to deliver success whether it be delivering their website, working monthly on their marketing and when it comes to training and helping clients better understand how to grow their business online. Daniel and Pedro work extremely well together and both share a keen interest for playing the drums!

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377 Pakington Street
Newtown VIC 3220

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Mon-Fri 9am-5pm