So who are we? TeamUp Digital was established in 2016 by Brandon Burns. Having over 10 years experience in the online marketing and digital space, he decided it was time to offer small businesses a fresh approach to digital and online marketing.
No more tolerating agencies who hide what they do, charge exorbitant marked up fees and never explain what they actually do for the client. He saw a gap in the market for an agency that delivers real results for their clients, whilst explaining, educating and sharing skills along the way. We believe if we do everything in our power to help our clients and over deliver on value, we will have the best clients who will be an absolute joy to partner with.
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We are not just another Digital Agency, we care and we want you to WIN! We will never, ever recommend strategy that we do not think is the absolute best option for your business both financially and strategically. We want to get to know who you and your business are and what you stand for and what you want to achieve long-term. This way we can know exactly how to help you and work backwards from your big, audacious goals.
Speak with us today to see if we are a good fit for each other and if you see us as your digital partner.
P.S. It’s our shout for coffee!
  • Helping as many people as possible have success online
  • Growing business with awesome online marketing
  • Bringing brands to life and exciting our clients
  • Educating people along the way
  • Sharing in our clients success, celebrating the wins
  • Having fun with our team and with our clients
  • Learning together and growing together
  • Acting with mutual respect at all times
The right team for your project
we love what we do


Our Agency has teamed up with the best when it comes to delivering a high quality digital offering.  We are based in
Geelong & Melbourne, Australia and look forward to the opportunity to wow you with our work!

Managing Director

Brandon brings a wealth of experience in the online marketing and digital space. Having worked with a diverse range of businesses, both small and large, across Australia, Brandon’s passions exist in growing any business exponentially and helping drive a focus on conversion optimisation. If he can help you get more leads and sales online then he has done his job and will feel incredibly satisfied for his client.

Pedro the Part-time Pug
Director of First Impressions

Pedro works closely with our clients to deliver a high-level of cuteness and customer service. He is the “Boss” so to speak and runs the office like a tight ship. His talents include raiding the office cookie jar, takings lots and lots of selfies and manning the phones to ensure every clients cal is answered. Call today to speak with Pedro about your next Digital project!

Head Of Operations

Daniel brings a wealth of experience in both the website design and audio-visual space. Daniel has worked closely with our clients to bring their website and design ideas to life. Daniel has a vast level of experience when it comes to professional audio and visual work and top-level video production. Daniel is a problem solver and works closely with our clients to deliver success whether it be delivering their website, working monthly on their marketing and when it comes to training and helping clients better understand how to grow their business online. Daniel and Pedro work extremely well together and both share a keen interest for playing the drums!